Bishop Thomas Scott

Bishop Thomas Scott born to the late William Scott and the late Jessie

Lee Scott is a native of Macon, Georgia.  He attended L.H. Williams elementary School which was a segregated school and latter attended Lanier Middle School for boys when the schools of Macon, Georgia were forced to integrate in 1967 and 1968.. He graduated from Central High School in 1972; the name changed from Lanier High School to Central High School during the years of integration.  Central High School was an all boys ROTC school. 

Bishop Scott was called to the ministry in August 1971 under the ministry of Rev. G. H. Williams at the Community Church of God in Macon, Georgia.  He attended Mercer University in Macon Georgia for two years and later transferred to The University of North Florida where he is a graduate of The University of North Florida in Jacksonville, Florida where he earned a B.A. in Criminal Justice and a Minor in Sociology.  He later attended the Assembly of God Theological Seminary with a M.A. in Biblical Studies. He is also a recipient of a Doctor of Divinity degree conferred upon him by the Southern California School of Ministry in 1995, and a Doctor of Humane Letters conferred July 29, 2006, from Florida Metropolitan University.

Bishop Scott grew up in the red clay hills of Georgia with humble means.  His mother had 11 children and they lived in a three bedroom wooden house.  The rent was $35 a month for house that did not have electric nor gas initially.  Gas and electric was added in later years. Bishop Scott said “We were very poor and my mother could not even afford four cents for a carton of milk for lunch.”  He and his twin brother would often walk to school and wore the same clothes everyday to school.

After moving to Jacksonville, Florida he met his wonderful wife Marva Laster who is a triplet.  Bishop Scott moved to Jacksonville with the late Rev. Dr. Richard H. Cleveland to become his youth minister.  Dr. Cleveland became like a father for Bishop Scott in his earlier years as a child.  Dr. Cleveland actually led him to the church and poured into his life molding and shaping his life to become a successful man.  Bishop Scott spent eight (8) years in Jacksonville with then the Fourth Street Church of God preaching and teaching youth and young adults. The church grew immensely with youth and young people.

Bishop Scott married Marva L. Laster August 2, 1975 before leaving for the U.S. army where he served for 2 years in Fort Hood, Texas.  They returned to Jacksonville where he was employed as a Parole and Probation officer for the Department of Correction for the State of Florida.  In 1980 Bishop Scott felt the called of God to go to Tampa Florida to then the 22nd Street Church of God, now named the 34th Street Church of God where he currently served as the senior pastor and presiding bishop.  He has served this church for 36 years.

The church has grown from 50 members to over 800 members. His vision includes the opening of King’s Kids Christian Academy, which is one of the premier schools in Tampa, Florida, the Tampa Bay Family & Community Development Corporation, The SHARE ministry and many other ministries that are reaching and touching lives. He also serves as the Chairman of the Florida State Association of the Church of God with some 36 churches which he now has oversight.

In 1992 he ran for the Hillsborough County School Board after the retirement of Dr. A. Leon Lowry and Scott lost with less than 300 votes.

In November 1996, Bishop Scott ran for the Hillsborough County Commission and was elected by a margin of 86 votes to represent District 3 where he served for 10 years.


He served as the Chairman of the Board of County Commissioners from November 1997 through November 1998.  He was re-elected as chairman for two additional terms in November 2002 and 2003.  He was elected to the Tampa City Council March of 2007 and he was sworn in on April 1, 2007.  Bishop Scott is currently seeking election for a Countywide seat on the Hillsborough County Commission.

Dr. Scott is a man who cares deeply for the community as is reflected in his service on the:  Hillsborough County Aviation Authority, Hillsborough County Hospital Authority, Hillsborough County Port Authority, The Tampa Sports Authority, Hillsborough Area Regional Transit Authority, Florida State Fair Authority, Metropolitan Planning Organization, Tampa Bay Convention & Visitors Bureau, Public Transportation Commission, Emergency Policy Board and many more boards and agencies.

Bishop Scott has been married to his lovely wife Lady Marva for 40 years.  They have two sons (Marcus and Marlon), one daughter (Marla), and Twelve grandchildren.

Here is man who loves his family, his church, his community but most of all love the Lord!