Reverend Jerry G. Nealy

Jerry G. Nealy born November 18th 1950. Parents Cathlene and  Magellan Nealy. Members of the St. Matthew Missionary Baptist Church. Began ministry in 1973 and ordained in 19 81 under Reverend C. J.  Long Pastor of  St Matthew Missionary Baptist Church. Studied at Hillsborough Community College,  Florida Memorial University,  University of South Florida, and     Morehouse College in Atlanta Georgia. Revenue Nealy is a husband, a father and grandfather. He is married to Blanche Roberts Nealy. They are members of Friendly Missionary Baptist Church, Pastor   Johnnie Miller.

Revenue Nealy served as:

Minister of Youth at the West Hunter Street Baptist Church,        Atlanta Georgia,  Reverend Dr. Ralph David Abernathy, Pastor.

West Tampa Neighborhood Service Center, Board of       Directors.

NAACP  Religious Affairs Committee Chairman.

Member of Tampa Bay Coalition of Clergy, Bishop Tom       Scott, Chairman and Pastors on Patrol, Inc., Dr. W. James                      Favorite, President.

Currently, Reverend Nealy serves as the Executive Director            of the Collective Empowerment Group of the Tampa Bay Area.